Bit of a Tangent

009 | How to Win Friends and Influence Reality

August 5, 2019

This episode looks at how to disrupt social dynamics. Gianluca and Jared consider the properties of social modes and narratives, examine Don Hoffman’s theory of fictitious reality and its evolutionary origins, and discuss ways to overcome your social limits through psychological hacks like self-characterisation and frame shifting. 



The Seven Basic Plots:

The Hero’s Journey:

The Map is Not The Territory:

Sam Harris on the Illusion of Free Will:

Carl Sagan (a classical rationalist):

Mandatory Eliezer Yudkowsky link:

The Map is Not the Territory (on

The “Infinite” Coastline Paradox:

Mental models:

Intuitive (naïve) physics:

Human’s bias towards negative thoughts and emotions:

Don Hoffman—Reality Isn’t—on the After On podcast:

Friston’s Free Energy Principle:

Frame shift video with Tyrion (from Charisma on Command):

Derren Brown:

Derren’s interview on the Sam Harris podcast:

Lying by Sam Harris (our favourite essay/book on honesty):

The episode where we deep-dive on lying:

Information asymmetry:



Derren Brown was on the Sam Harris podcast, not the Tim Ferriss Show. See link above.

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