Bit of a Tangent


September 29, 2019

Bit of a Tangent

Each week, two aspiring rationalists bring you mind-bending ideas from science, philosophy, artificial intelligence, and medicine.

Whether you enjoy wide-ranging discussions or are looking to upgrade your reasoning and critical thinking skills, this podcast will satisfy your intellectual hunger and sharpen your skeptical eye.


Meet the Hosts

Gianluca Truda (“Luca”) is a Data Scientist with a background in Computer Science and Genetics. His research interests are the Quantified Self, Evolutionary Computing, and AI Safety. He also likes to read and review books, play the guitar, and dabble in filmmaking.

Jared Tumiel is a medical student who spends a worrying amount of time learning about things other than medicine. He is interested in machine learning, maths, the evolutionary origins of physical and psychological disease and what this might tell us about what it would mean for hominids such as ourselves to live well.


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Please get in touch with us and share your thoughts.

You can email us at, or connect with us on Twitter through the handle @podtangent.

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