Bit of a Tangent

002 | Self-aware doorways & dog-space

July 2, 2019

Jared and Gianluca compare notes on their favourite productivity strategies and mindfulness techniques. They also explore the rhetorical bias of wisdom and the rationalist interpretation of cached thoughts; before making ill-advised attempts at explaining the nebulous concepts of "Idea Space" and "Short Inferential Distances".



‘Getting Things Done’ book: 

 ‘Eat That Frog’ book:

Prediction Markets:

Read more about becoming an expert predictor with the ‘Superforecasting’ book:

HighExistence website: and 30 day challenge: 

Book ‘Algorithms To Live By’ on using computer science to make decisions: 

LessWrong post on “Cached Thoughts”,. We also talk about ‘cached replies’ a bit later in the podcast:

The idea of ‘research debt’ and translating ideas:

Book ‘Elements of Eloquence’:

Book on habits and identity, ‘Atomic Habits’:

LessWrong post on ‘Expecting Short Inferential Distances’:

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