Bit of a Tangent

005 | Habit Frameworks and Sleep

July 8, 2019

Gianluca outlines his new Habit Formation Framework and future habit-related projects, Jared discusses his heuristics and hacks for a good day, and they both examine the consequences of sleep deprivation—especially on (medical) students.



“Atomic Habits” by James Clear :

Loving Kindness meditation :

Oak meditation/breathing app :


Five-minute favour :

80000 Hours mega-article on how to be successful in any career :

Art of Manliness episode on storytelling :

“Eat That Frog” by Brian Tracy :

Oura Ring :

“Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker, PhD :

Matthew Walker on Joe Rogan :

Matthew Walker on FoundMyFitness (with Dr. Rhonda Patrick) :

W.S. Halstead, the founder of the residency programme (and a drug addict) :

Neal Stephenson, a legendary Sci-fi author :

The Story Collider Podcast :

No Such Thing As A Fish :

The Wikicast :

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