Bit of a Tangent

015 | You have no Choice in the Matter

September 18, 2019

This is Part 1 of the series on Free Will. In this episode, Gianluca and Jared dispel the assumption that humans have Free Will by presenting the argument from Determinism—popularised by Sam Harris. They discuss the evidence from physics, neurology, and the famous Libet experiments; before laying the groundwork for later conversations about what this implies morally and societally. You have no choice but to listen.



Sam Harris’s “Free Will:

Ted Chiang’s Story of Your Life (and some of his other fantastic shorts):

Arrival, the film adaptation of Story of Your Life:

Principle of Least Action:

Chaos Theory:

Good primer on the Libet experiments that preempted decision making:

The original Libet publication [paywalled]:

Details of more recent versions of the Libet experiments with 7 second preempting and some predictive capability:

A recent “debunking” of the Libet results:

A popular article on the Libet experiments in the light of the new model:

Great CGP Grey video on split brain experiments:

Decent primer on Sperry’s split-brain experiments:

“Behave” by Robert Sopalsky:


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